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Automatic Peeling and Shelling Seed Machine

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  1. Optical detection, Smart anti-pinch design, sensitive switch, large torque motor, long battery life, compact and portable, quick opening of the shell, Android data cable charging, the control chip
  2. Sensitive switch, and open: convenient for users to use, light feedback, smooth use.
  3. High-torque motor: the high-efficiency opening of the shell, the large-torque reduction motor cooperates with optical detection to reduce the damage of opening the shell and realize the efficient opening of the shell.
  4. Protect your teeth and avoid damage: often eat melon seeds, causing tooth damage, the product will effectively avoid damage and protect teeth.
  5. Can distinguish between good and bad seeds: Aflatoxin in bad seeds will affect people’s health.
  6. All-day battery life, long-term use, automatic fallback, safety protection: intelligent algorithm to prevent accidental injury caused by reaching the finger
  7. Small and portable

Product parameters

Product size: 65x70x72mm
Charging method: Android data cable charging (self-supplied data cable)
Working temperature: 10-45℃
Input: DC5.0V 1.0A (TYP)
Battery energy: 1000mAh (3.7v)
Power: 0.5w

Why choose it?

  1. It’s more convenient to eat melon seeds
  2. Avoid the bacteria on the melon seed skin directly touching the mouth
  3. Protect your teeth
  4. It will bring you fun, you can give it as a gift to your relatives, friends, and colleagues
  5. Many customers buy it for their kids, It can make kids eat melon seeds better. At the same time, it also brings fun to kids.
  6. Enjoy Happiness: This melon seed machine can not only bring the fun of peeling melon seeds, but also enjoy the happiness of peeling interaction.


Packing Lists

  1. Automatic Peeling Machine * 1
  2. USB data cable * 1
  3. Emoji stickers * 3


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