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Car Emergency Trailer Rope 4×4 Vehicle Recovery Winch


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  1.  The vehicle rescue rope is 177 inches in length and 15 inches in width, which is very light, only 780g, and comes with a storage bag for easy storage and carrying.
  2.  Material: The self-rescue rope is made of high-grade nylon material and is precisely manufactured. It is suitable for trapping, anchoring, skidding, rescue or self-rescue in the wild, muddy roads and snow.
  3.  Scope of Application: The self-rescue rope can withstand a pulling force of about 4 tons. Suitable for general family cars, off-road vehicles and mountain bikes (large passenger cars, trucks, not applicable).
  4.  Safe and Easy to Use: It can be installed through tires or wheels. The rope “ladder” is designed to use wheels to support the wheels, because your own engine can provide you with free power.
  5.  Lightweight and Compact: Suitable to be placed under your seat or any convenient place in the car, so that you can rest assured next time you use it.


  • Material: High Resistance Nylon
  • Size: 177 inches in length and 15 inches in width
  • Weight: about 780 g
  • Bearing weight: 4 Tons

Packing List:

  • 1 x Rope Ladder
  • 1 x Towing Rope
  • 1 x Storage Bag


1) Attach one end to the bogged or spinning wheel.

2) Next, attach the other end to something strong and sturdy.

3) Simply drive out of trouble. Easy! The ladder rope is designed to capture your wheel and effectively, turns your wheel into a winch. Convenient, award-winning vehicle recovery system is rated to over 4T.

This award-winning system is strong, reliable and safe having been on the Market for over 3 years. Weigh 2Kg and is compact for easy storage.


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