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Multi-size Electric Heating Pad


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  • 2 gear swicth
  • 9 gear switch
  • smart timing switch

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2 gear swicth, 9 gear switch, smart timing switch


Color: Brown
Material: Carbon Crystal
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Power: 60W -1000W
Heating Temp: 45 – 60℃ / 113 – 140℉
Heating Rate: 3-5s
Heating Method: Far Infrared


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2 gear switch: high low 2 gear

9 gear switch: 9 gear temperature adjustable

Smart remote control switch:9 gear temperature adjustable,4hours,10hours timing


10mm / 0.4” (appr.)
Size 1: 50 x 30 cm / 19.69” x 11.81” (appr.)
Size 2: 50 x 55 cm / 19.69” x 21.65” (appr.)
Size 3: 50 x 80 cm / 19.69” x 31.50” (appr.)
Size 4:100x100cm/39.37″x39.37″ (appr.)

Size 6:50x155cm/19.69″x61″ (appr.)

Size 7 : 100x150cm/39.37″x59″ (appr.)

Size 8:150x150cm/59″x59″ (appr.)

Size 9: 150x180cm/59″x70.8″ (appr.)

Size 10: 200x200cm/78.7″x78.7″ (appr.)

Size 11: 200x250cm/78.7″x98.4″ (appr.)


1. After using the product, turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord.
2. When storing, the leather is rolled outwards in the direction of the label.
3. Avoid contact with materials such as open flames or cigarette butts that are prone to fire.
4. Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight. Avoid liquids and impurities such as water in the product.
5. The product should be stored in a well-ventilated place with a suitable temperature (10-25℃).
6. Do not connect the wires firmly, and press the power supply to connect the socket to avoid malfunction.
7. Do not press strongly when storing, and strongly fold the product.

 If you live in Europe using a European standard plug. We will send you a European standard plug for free.

If your country needs American Standard plugs, British standard plug, or Australian standard plug, then we will send you suitable standard plugs for free.


1. Put the product face-up, place it flat on the ground, and connect the power cord to the floor mat.
2. Plug the power plug into the outlet and connect the power supply.
3. Adjust the switch, it is recommended to turn to the high level for the first time use.
4. Adjust the heating level you need, the floor mat starts to heat up, then enjoy the warmth.


* Under the working condition, please do not cover other products on the mat or fold the mat up to avoid local overheating and cause malfunction.
* Do not use the product on items with sharped protrusions. Do not insert pins.
* When the product is turned on, please do not plug or unplug the connector and pull the cord.
* This product can only be used with the supplied power cord.
* Please do not disassemble the product yourself.
* If the product is in working condition, it must be monitored. When leaving home or when the power is off, you need to unplug the power cord.
* Do not allow people who cannot take care of themselves, infants or people who are not sensitive to heat.
* Do not place the notebook or mobile phone on the heating pad during use to avoid overheating the electronic product.
* Check the product for wear or damage. If so, please ask the supplier if you can continue to use it.
* When storing the warm pad, let the warm pad cool down before winding up.
* Do not bend hard to avoid damage to internal heat-generating parts.
* Do not use this product as a bed electric blanket.
* Do not use when the voltage is unstable.
* Do not put this product in water for cleaning.
* Make sure the heating pad switch and junction box are away from the water source to avoid a short circuit.
* If the water splashes to the switch or junction box, please cut off the power immediately.
Due to different production batches, the shape of the timing thermostat switch will be a bit different, but the function is the same, please kindly note it.

Package Included

1 x Feet Warmer


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February 4, 2021
Purchased a number of this product for me, family and friends. Great way to get local warmth and cheap to run. My cats love them too!!
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February 1, 2021
Works according to the description. Recommend.
0 0
February 1, 2021
Works according to the description. Recommend.
0 0
January 29, 2021
0 0
January 29, 2021
0 0
January 28, 2021
0 0
January 28, 2021
It works just as described. Perfect for those days when you can't seem to warm your feet..
0 0
January 27, 2021
0 0
January 27, 2021
Товар шёл больше месяца. Отлично работал ровно одну неделю, и благополучно здох. Перестал внезапно греть, без какой либо ненадлежащей эксплуатации. Пр...More
Товар шёл больше месяца. Отлично работал ровно одну неделю, и благополучно здох. Перестал внезапно греть, без какой либо ненадлежащей эксплуатации. Просто лежал на полу. Понятие китайское барахло всё ещё в силе
0 0
Multi-size Electric Heating Pad photo review
January 26, 2021
Very nice. Never cold on the feet
0 0